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XITUO 8inch Filleting Knives

XITUO 8inch Filleting Knives

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Master the art of filleting and sashimi with the XITUO 8-inch Filleting Knife. This professional-grade knife is designed for precise cuts and delicate handling, ensuring you get the most out of your fish and meat.

  • Ultra-Sharp Blade: Japanese cutting-edge technology delivers a razor-sharp, single-beveled edge (14-16° angle) for effortless slicing that preserves the natural flavors and textures of your ingredients.
  • Filleting Finesse: The thin, flexible blade maneuvers effortlessly around bones, allowing for clean, precise cuts and minimal waste. Perfect for filleting delicate fish, salmon, and other meats.
  • Sashimi Ready: Achieve restaurant-quality sashimi with this knife. The thin blade creates clean, smooth cuts, ideal for thinly slicing raw fish for sushi and other presentations.
  • Professional Comfort: The ergonomic handle design provides a comfortable grip, even during extended use, reducing hand fatigue.
  • Multi-Purpose Performance: While ideal for filleting and sashimi, this knife can also handle a variety of kitchen tasks, including slicing vegetables and boneless meats.

Upgrade your kitchen with the XITUO 8-Inch Filleting Knife and experience the difference precision cutting makes.

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