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Wedgwood 5-Piece Hibiscus Place Setting Set Dinnerware Set

Wedgwood 5-Piece Hibiscus Place Setting Set Dinnerware Set

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Immerse yourself in timeless elegance with the PDQ fine bone china plate. Crafted in the US, this exquisite piece features a captivating Wedgwood archive pattern dating back to 1810. The design gracefully blends geometric planes and delicate floral motifs, creating a visually stunning composition. A luxurious 22-carat gold border adds a touch of opulence, making this plate a perfect choice for special occasions.

Surprisingly, for a piece that exudes such grandeur, this PDQ plate is dishwasher safe, ensuring easy cleaning and everyday convenience. It's a perfect blend of heritage and modern functionality, making it a treasured addition to any dining table.

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