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Non-Stick Frying Pan by Maifan Stone

Non-Stick Frying Pan by Maifan Stone

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Elevate your kitchen with this stylish and functional white Maifan stone cookware set.

  • Superior Non-Stick Performance: The secondary purified white Maifan stone coating is PFOA-free and provides exceptional non-stick capabilities for healthier cooking with less oil. Food slides right off, making cleaning a breeze.

  • Versatility for Every Meal: This set includes a variety of pots perfect for all your cooking needs. Sauté vegetables, simmer soups and stews, or boil pasta with ease. The one-fry, one-boil concept with dedicated pots helps prevent cross-contamination, ideal for preparing baby food.

  • Safe and Healthy: Crafted from high-quality aluminum alloy with a five-layer thickened base for even heat distribution, this cookware set ensures your food cooks thoroughly without hot spots. The LFGB certification guarantees food safety, giving you peace of mind.

  • Cleaning Convenience: The one-piece molded design with no rivets eliminates hidden crevices where food can get trapped. Simply wipe down the pans or toss them in the dishwasher (hand washing is recommended to prolong the non-stick surface).

  • Heat Source Compatibility: The thickened composite bottom ensures efficient heat conduction and is suitable for use on gas stoves, induction cooktops, and electric ceramic stoves.

This cookware set is more than just functional, it's a beautiful addition to your kitchen. Cook with confidence and enjoy delicious, healthy meals for the whole family.




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