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Glass Automatic Washer

Glass Automatic Washer

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Ditch the Dishpan! Sparkling Glasses in Seconds with the Glass Automatic Washer 2.0

Imagine this: Crystal-clear glasses, free of streaks and residue, without the chore of handwashing. The Glass Automatic Washer 2.0 makes it a reality! This innovative device takes your dishwashing routine from tiresome to effortless.

Here's why you'll love it:

  • Blazing-Fast Cleaning: Wash any cup in seconds! From everyday tumblers to baby bottles and even delicate wine glasses, the Glass Washer 2.0 tackles them all with powerful, multi-angle water jets.
  • Versatile Champion: No cup is left behind! This washer's design ensures a thorough clean for a variety of shapes and sizes, without damaging your precious glassware.
  • Simple as Can Be: Just place your cup upside down, connect the included T-connector and water tube, and watch the magic happen. No scrubbing, no mess, just sparkling clean glasses in no time.
  • Space-Saving Wonder: Small but mighty, the Glass Washer 2.0 measures a mere 17.5 x 9 x 1.2 cm and weighs just 550g. Tuck it away easily in a drawer or mount it under your sink for convenient access.

Upgrade your kitchen today!

The Glass Automatic Washer 2.0 includes:

  • 1x Glass Automatic Washer 2.0
  • 1x T-Connector
  • 1x Water Tube

Stop scrubbing and start sparkling! Order your Glass Automatic Washer 2.0 now!

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