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Chili Pepper Cocktail Glass

Chili Pepper Cocktail Glass

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Tired of the same old cocktail glasses?Light the fire with the Chili Pepper Cocktail Glass, the fun and fiery way to add a kick to your drinks!

This unique glass isn't just about looks (though it's definitely a looker!). The playful chili pepper design adds a festive touch to any gathering, ensuring your drinks are as unforgettable as the conversation.

But the heat doesn't stop there! Crafted from high-quality, durable materials, this glass is built to handle your most creative concoctions. Spice up your margaritas, add a flair to your signature cocktails, or simply enjoy your favorite beverage in style.

Whether you're hosting a party at home, dazzling patrons at your restaurant, or shaking things up at the bar, the Chili Pepper Cocktail Glass is guaranteed to:

  • Turn heads with its playful yet sophisticated design.
  • Level up your drink presentation.
  • Make every sip a memorable experience.

Because let's face it, life is too short for boring drinks!

Order yours today and add some fiery fun to your next gathering!


  • Height: 23.1cm
  • Top Width: 8.7cm
  • Bottom Width: 8.0cm
  • Capacity: 410ml

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