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3-Piece Cast Aluminum Cookware and Cooking Pan Set

3-Piece Cast Aluminum Cookware and Cooking Pan Set

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Traditional Colombian Calderos for Versatile Cooking

The IMUSA caldero set is a perfect addition to any kitchen, offering the versatility of a Dutch oven with a unique Colombian design. Made in Colombia from cast aluminum, these calderos are built to last. The natural finish "seasons" over time, enhancing flavors like cast iron cookware, but without the sticking issues.

Even Heat Distribution and Superior Cooking

The rounded sides of the calderos allow for even heat distribution, ensuring consistent cooking results. The tight-fitting lid traps moisture and aromas, perfect for simmering stews, soups, and braised meats. The calderos are also ideal for boiling and everyday cooking tasks.

Multi-Sized Set for All Your Cooking Needs

This 3-piece set includes calderos in three different sizes: 1.4-quart, 2.3-quart, and 4.9-quart. This variety allows you to tackle a wide range of recipes, from single-serve dishes to family meals. Additionally, the calderos are oven-safe without the lid, providing extra versatility for broiling or finishing dishes.

Key Features:

  • Made of cast aluminum in Colombia for durability
  • Natural finish "seasons" over time, enhancing flavors
  • Oven-safe without lid for broiling and finishing dishes
  • Tight-fitting lid seals in moisture and aromas
  • Rounded sides for even heat distribution
  • Three convenient sizes: 1.4-quart, 2.3-quart, and 4.9-quart

Overall, the IMUSA 3Pieces Colombian Cast Aluminum Caldero or Dutch Oven Set with Lid is a versatile and well-made cookware option for those looking to add a touch of tradition to their kitchen.

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