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10-In. Cast Iron Griddle Pan for Grill, Campfire, Stovetop, or Oven

10-In. Cast Iron Griddle Pan for Grill, Campfire, Stovetop, or Oven

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Unlock Culinary Creativity with the Cuisinart Cast Iron Griddle Pan

This versatile 10-inch griddle pan is your secret weapon for restaurant-quality results at home. Its heavy-duty cast iron construction heats up evenly, sears beautifully, and retains heat exceptionally well. This means perfectly cooked fajitas, juicy steaks, crispy bacon, and even decadent desserts – all on a single pan!

Effortless Sear and Flavorful Finish

The pre-seasoned surface lets you get cooking right away, achieving a restaurant-style sear that locks in juices and intensifies flavor. And because cast iron gets better with use, the more you season it, the more non-stick it becomes.

Easy Cleanup for Everyday Use

The smooth, seasoned surface also makes cleanup a breeze. Simply hand wash and apply a light coat of vegetable oil to maintain its non-stick properties. Built-in handles ensure safe and easy transport from the grill or stovetop to your table.

Here's what makes the Cuisinart Griddle Pan stand out:

  • Unmatched Versatility: Sear, fry, roast, bake, and more – all on a single pan!
  • Superior Heat Retention: Cast iron heats up evenly and retains heat exceptionally well for consistent cooking results.
  • Restaurant-Quality Sear: Locks in juices and creates a beautiful caramelized crust.
  • Pre-Seasoned for Non-Stick Cooking: Ready to use out of the box and gets even better with time.
  • Easy Cleanup: Hand wash and lightly oil to maintain the seasoning.
  • Built-in Handles: For safe and easy transport.

Elevate your everyday meals and unleash your culinary creativity with the Cuisinart Cast Iron Griddle Pan!

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